Oral B

on  Sat, 15:45 ! Livein  Paniolo Ifor  165min

Session Chair: Xiaoming Liu

Paper Title Primary Subject Area
Non-Contact Based Modeling of Enervation Psychological and Behavioral Analysis
Detecting History of Depression in Mother-Adolescent Child Interaction from Multimodal Feature Selection Psychological and Behavioral Analysis
Multi-Modal Human Authentication Using Silhouettes, Gait and RGB Gesture Recognition, Analysis & Synthesis
Part-aware Prototypical Graph Network for One-shot Skeleton-based Action Recognition Action Recognition
SignNet: Single Channel Sign Generation using Metric Embedded Learning Action Recognition
Learning Effective Global Receptive Field For Facial Expression Recognition Affect and Expression
DisVAE: Disentangled Variational Autoencoder for High-Quality Facial Expression Features Affect and Expression
Relation-aware Network for Facial Expression Recognition Affect and Expression
Exploring Mental Prototypes by an Efficient Interdisciplinary Approach: Interactive Microbial Genetic Algorithm Affect and Expression
Latent Generative Replay for Resource-Efficient Continual Learning of Facial Expressions Affect and Expression
Low-Resolution Face Recognition Enhanced by High-Resolution Facial Images Face Recognition
Multi-Zone Transformer Based on Self-Distillation for Facial Attribute Recognition Face Recognition
Activation Template Matching Loss for Explainable Face Recognition Face Recognition
Intrinsic Imaging Model Enhanced Contrastive Face Representation Leaning Face Recognition
Self-supervised Learning for Fine-grained Ethnicity Classification under Limited Labeled Data Face Recognition
Analyzing the Impact of Shape & Context on the Face Recognition Performance of Deep Networks Face Recognition

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