Oral C

on  Sun, 10:15 ! Livein  Paniolo Ifor  105min

Session Chair: Kiran Raja

Paper Title Primary Subject Area
FLAME-in-NeRF: Neural control of Radiance Fields for Free View Face Animation Facial Synthesis
Self-Supervised Face Presentation Attack Detection with Dynamic Grayscale Snippets Face Recognition
StyleMask: Disentangling the Style Space of StyleGAN2 for Neural Face Reenactment Facial Synthesis
S2F2: Self-Supervised High Fidelity Face Reconstruction from Monocular Image Facial Synthesis
Controllable Facial Micro-element Synthesis using Segmentation Maps Facial Synthesis
Segmentation-Reconstruction-Guided Facial Image De-occlusion Facial Synthesis
CoNFies: Controllable Neural Face Avatars Facial Synthesis
LipNeRF: What is the right space to lip-sync a NeRF? Facial Synthesis
Practical Parametric Synthesis of Realistic Pseudo-Random Face Shapes Facial Synthesis
Learning Continuous Mesh Representation with Spherical Implicit Surface Learning and Modeling of Gestures

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