Interdisciplinary Applications of Biometrics and Identity Science (InterID 2023)

on  Thu, 8:45 ! Livein  Paniolo Ifor  210min


Biometric recognition generally involves person identification or identity verification. Researchers within this field have long investigated novel biometric datasets, data collection methodologies, and/or data collection sensors, features or feature extraction approaches, and various matching models to reduce misidentification error, improve data quality, fuse different data sources, etc. Taking advantage of these advances, other disciplines, like medical sciences, mental health, and transportation, have recently begun to explore the application of biometric technologies to, for example, sense change in behavioral outcomes before and after an intervention. Such applications bring attention to the broader interdisciplinary application of biometrics and identity science (BIS) - in which some aspect of the biometric process is leveraged in an interdisciplinary way. The First Workshop on Interdisciplinary Applications of Biometrics and Identity Science (InterID 2023) explores this merging of BIS with other disciplines to facilitate discussions that extend beyond person recognition and identity verification research agendas and push the boundaries of BIS to generate new standards and BIS use cases applicable to other fields. InterID 2023 provides a dedicated venue for researchers in the biometrics research community to apply their expertise more broadly and promotes interdisciplinary research that extends across engineering and non-engineering applications of BIS.

Organizers: Tempestt Neal, Shaun Canavan, Patrick Flynn

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