SIVA'23 - Socially Interactive Human-like Virtual Agents

on  Thu, 9:00 ! Livein  Paniolo IIfor  480min


Due to the rapid growth of virtual, augmented, and hybrid reality together with spectacular advances in artificial intelligence, the ultra-realistic generation and animation of digital humans with human-like behaviors is becoming a massive topic of interest. This complex endeavor requires modeling several elements of human behavior including the natural coordination of multimodal behaviors including text, speech, face, and body, plus the contextualization of behavior in response to interlocutors of different cultures and motivations. This workshop, organized by renowned scientists in complementary domains, aims to connect communities of research scientists interested in virtual agents and human-agent or human-human interactions, with impact for future technological innovations and fundamental knowledge of human social behavior. Specifically, mixing participants from academia and industry, participants will present and discuss current research trends and envision frontiers in the modeling and generation of human-like multimodal behavior and their application to the fields of neuroscience and social cognition. Further, mixing computational and cognitive neuroscience communities will enable knowledge exchange about human multimodal behavior and cognition to in turn create virtual agents capable of natural, engaging, and seamless multimodal social behavior with real humans.

Organizers: Nicolas Obin, Ryo Ishii, Rachael Jack, Louis-Philippe Morency, Catherine Pelachaud

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