Paper Presentation Guidance

  1. All accepted papers are required to upload an 8-min video even if you will attend the conference in person. For in-person presentations, the video will be played with no audio, while the author can talk through the video contents. There will be 2-min Q&A for each paper. For virtual presentation, the video will be played with audio and there is no Q&A part.

  2. The video will be 8-mins and MUST be named as PaperID-fg.mp4 for main conference. The format of the video should be MP4 (not AVI or MOV) with resolution 1920x1080p in H264 compression. Please use “1X normal speed” and don’t double the speed.

  3. The detailed instruction of preparing the presentation video can be found at:

  4. Please upload your video to The upload window will be Nov 24 8am MST till Dec 9, 9am MST. For those that missed the deadline or who want to make changes to their files, a “change fee” of $50 per day will be instituted. Please upload before the deadline.

  5. The video for workshops will follow the same instructions and must be named as PaperID-interid.mp4; PaperID -siva.mp4; PaperID -aiahh.mp4; or PaperID -lfwaf.mp4 respectively.