Tutorials at FG 2023

6 January 2023

Practical Face Recognition Technology in the Industrial World

Tutors: Yandong Guo, Jianteng Peng, Xinyi Wang, Bihui Chen, Sufang Zhang

About the tutorial: In recent years, there has been a breakthrough in face recognition technology (FR) using deep convolutional neural networks. Every year, dozens of papers are published in the field of FR. Some of these works have been applied in industry and played an important role in people’s lives by facilitating automatic unlocking of various devices, mobile payments and the like. This tutorial will provide an overview of face recognition techniques used in practice in industry and will cover 8 different topics: 1) Face anti-spoofing, 2) Loss functions, 3) Solutions to problems caused by a large number of IDs. 4) Pipeline acceleration techniques, 5) The impact of the data distribution, 6) Masked face recognition, 7) Privacy issues, and 8) Related problems, such as face clustering. The goal of this tutorial is to present the techniques and challenges from an industry perspective, therefore, bridging the gap between academia and industry.